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The Grand Final 2015 took place the Corby International Pool on 29th November 2015

Congratulations to all the competing teams

Grand Final Result 2015
1st  Guildford SC 320
2nd  Stockport Metro SC 291
3rd  City of Leeds 254
4th  Southport SC 198
5th  Plymouth Leander SC 183
6th  Gateshead & Whickham SC 175
7th  City of Norwich SC 173
8th  Northampton SC 167

Thank you to all the officials and organisers for a great event

Detailed results are available to download here

Trophy Presentation Name Team
Top Girl: 9 yrs Lara Turan Guildford
Top Boy: 9 yrs Noah Harrison Stockport
Top Girl: 10 yrs Bobbi Harper and Caitlin Lansom Northampton/Stockport
Top Boy: 10 yrs Kaiden Welsby Stockport
Top Girl: 11 yrs Amy West Stockport
TopBoy: 11 yrs David O'Loughlin Plymouth Leander
Top Girl: 12 yrs Tia Ward Leeds
Top Boy: 12 yrs Edward Mildred Northampton
Top Girl Record Breaker Lara Turan Guildford
Top Boy Record Breaker Noah Harrison Stockport
Winners of Cannon Relay (Event 49) STOCKPORT