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The fortieth grand final took place at Corby International Pool on Sunday 24 November 2019

Congratulations to winners City of Leeds, who secured their third Grand Final victory in a row,
making them Champions for seven years out of the last ten.

Place Club Points
1st City of Leeds 337
2nd Guildford City 294
3rd Camden Swiss Cottage 232
4th City of Coventry 199
5th City of Norwich 187
6th Stockport Metro 184
7th Leamington Spa 183
8th Southport 138
The lane allocation, venue details and timings for the 2019 final can be found under the "Finals" tab

Congratulations to those team who have won their respective Leagues and qualified for the Northern & Southern Area Finals on Sunday 6th October 2019
Details of the qualifiers and lane draws are below

Northern Final

Northern Area Final 2019 Lane Draw
 Venue:  John Charles Aquatic Centre Leeds
Lane 2  Stockport Metro
Lane 3  Newcastle
Lane 4  Leamington Spa
Lane 5  Louth
Lane 6  Southport
Lane 7  City of Leeds

Hosted by the White Rose Junior Swimming League.
Contact : Terry Wilkinson

Venue details:
John Charles Aquatic Centre
Middleton Grove
LS11 5DJ
0113 395 0000

The car park in front of the pool is time restricted, however the main car park is on the right at the roundabout, approaching the pool.
This is not time limited and is big enough for all cars and coaches.


11.00am                        Admission
11.10am                        Parade
11.20-11.50am              Warm-up
12.00pm                        Start
<2.00pm                        Finish/Presentations

Southern Final

Southern Area Final 2019 Lane Draw 
  Venue:  Arc Leisure Centre Matlock Derbyshire
Lane 2  Guildford
Lane 3  City of Norwich
Lane 4  City of Coventry
Lane 5  Camden Swiss Cottage
Lane 6  Poole
Lane 7  Nottingham Leander

Hosted by the Derby & Notts Junior Swimming League.
Contact : Jeff Pickering This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Venue details:
The Arc Leisure Centre
1 Bakewell Road

01629 581322

1.00pm         Warm-up
1.30pm         Parade
1.45pm         Start

The result for the Northern Area Final 2019 was as as follows:

Northern Area Final 2019
1st City of Leeds 273
Leamington Spa
3rd Stockport Metro 167
4th Southport 158
6th Louth 101

Northern Area Final Results

City of Leeds, Leamington Spa, Stoclport Metro &  Southport will go forward to compete in the Grand Final in November.


The result for the Southern Area Final 2019 was as as follows:

Southern Area Final 2019
1st Guildford City 234
Camden Swiss Cottage
3rd City of Coventry  184
4th City of Norwich 160
6th Nottingham Leander 109

Southern Area Final Results

Guildford City, Camden Swiss Cottage, City of Coventry & City of Norwich go forward to compete in the Grand Final in November.

The Grand Final 2018 took place at the Corby International Pool on 25th November 2018

Congratulations to the Champions City of Leeds and all the finalists.

Grand Final Results 2018
1st  City of Leeds 337
2nd  Guildford City 333
3rd  Camden Swiss Cottage 202
4th  Tynemouth 199
5th  Coventry 185
6th  Southport 175
7th  City of Derby 160
8th  Leicester Sharks 151